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MUSAN is dedicated to the preservation, research and exhibition of Puerto Rican art and intangible cultural heritage through our permanent collection, educational programs, outreach projects, special exhibitions and cultural activities.


More than a traditional museum, MUSAN is a community-based cultural center that celebrates Puerto Rico's rich artistic patrimony as an inspiration for contemporary artistic expression and its relevance to modern society.

With your support, we hope to celebrate our opening in October 2021.

Make a tax-deductible contribution!
Law 20 / Ley 22 Eligible Annual Charity Contribution

Permanent Collections

Puerto Rican Patrimony
When the Spanish first colonized Puerto Rico, churches were located in large cities. As recently as the 1960’s, many areas in the mountains did not have local churches.Hand-carved santos, displayed in niches or alters of each home, represented saints found in churches, but eventually took on additional significance as symbols of folklore, history, tradition, and cultural identity.

Santos became part of almost every rural family, The Household Saints of Puerto Rico.

Julio Rosado del Valle: Carmencita (1958). Oil on canvas. 17" by 19"

Ellie Pruess Collection

Mid-Century Masters
Ellie Pruess came to Puerto Rico as a tourist in the 1960's and fell in love with the work of several emerging artists - Julio Rosado del Valle, Manuel Hernandez Acevedo, Epifanio Irizarry, Santos Rene Irizarry and Rodrigues Senerez.

After enjoying the paintings at her homes in the states, she returned the artwork to Puerto Rico to become part of the permanent collection of MUSAN.

Intangible Cultural Heritage
A major focus of MUSAN is documenting our Intangible Cultural Heritage.

By conducting oral history interviews with family, friends and associates of artists who have contributed to Puerto Rico's rich cultural patrimony.

MUSAN's oral history project is an ongoing program to obtain first-hand narratives that bring culture, tradition and history to life.

Dr. José Torres Melendez discussing a permanent museum with Don Ricardo Alegría.


MUSAN began as a joint effort of Richard Holm and Dr. José Torres Meléndez to create and introduce traditional 'santos de palo' carvings in a 'virtual museum'.

Encouraged by overwhelming support and a need for additional space, Museo de los Santos Inc. was established as a non-profit corporation and granted IRS 501(c)(3) tax exempt in 2108 and designated a PR 1101.01 non-profit corporation by Hacienda de Puerto Rico in 2019.

In 2020, MUSAN was created in order to expand our collections and include a community-based cultural center that encourages emerging artists and celebrates the artists and artisans of our past.


The MUSAN Team


Jose (Billy) Torres Meléndez MD, Ph.D.

Founder, Board of Directors

Gloria Ortiz Ph.D.

Board of Directors


Richard Holm MBA

Founder, President


Georgina Vega Porrata-Doria

Director of Public Relations

Visit the collection!

Until we open our new exhibition spaces, the collection can be seen by appointment only in our temporary exhibition space.


Our new building is under renovation at 1673 Ave. Ponce de Leon in the Santurce Arts District. Any visits must be by prior appointment.

Our executive office is located two blocks away - around the corner from Abracadabra Restaurant. Appointments are required for building access.

456 Calle Saldaña, San Juan, PR 00909

787-455-4216 - English
787-455-4217 - Español

Grand Opening!

We are still in the process of fund-raising, but hope to begin renovations by the end of 2020 have a 'Phase I' opening in 2021.

Check back for updates or click here to check out our progress.

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