Metaverso – December 7, 2021

MUSAN will join the metaverse on Tuesday December 7th at the Metaverso conference at the Puerto Rico Museum of Art (MAPR). If you're interested in the emerging world of crypto-art, this is a must-attend event. MUSAN is especially interested since one of our goals is to support emerging artists and art forms - and this is exactly the type of work we want to introduce to the public at our new location at 1673 Ave. Ponce de Leon in the Santurce Arts District of San Juan, Puerto Rico.  If you're familiar with the area, we're next to 787 Coffee.

Click here for information and tickets to Metaverso Puerto Rico!

HODL HERE Conference – December 6, 2021

Is anyone attending the HODL HERE Conference on December 6th at the Vivo Beach Club in Isla Verde?  MUSAN will be attending as part of our interest in NFT - Non-Fungible-Tokens and meeting investors who are here to learn about the blockchain and the ACT 60 investment program.

ps. HODL = Hold On for Dear Life... which came into common usage during a period of wild swings in crypto-currency valuations.  Those who sold were mostly regretful, those that HODL are generally very happy.

If you'd like to attend, click here for tickets to HODL HERE - December 6, 2021

NFT – Non-Fungible Tokens

Does anyone in San Juan work with NFTs?

We're in the planning stage of our digital gallery which might be the perfect venue for non-fungible tokens created by local artists.

We don't know much about NFTs, but since MUSAN is dedicated to new art forms, experimentation and emerging artists - MUSAN may be a venue where creators can display/sell their work and investors/public can learn about this emerging comodity.

If anyone is interested, contact and let's explore how NFTs can fit into MUSAN.

In the Heights

MUSAN was  an official sponsor of In The Heights when it was presented at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico in September 2021. MUSAN will sponsor In the Heights again when they return for an encore production in Caguas in January/February 2022. Special thanks to actor Tony Chiroldes and producer Ender Vega/BAS Entertainment for their support of MUSAN!

MUSAN Sign Installed

Our signage was installed as we near the completion of Phase I of our new building renovation at 1673 Ave Ponce de Leon in the Santurce Arts District of San Juan, Puerto Rico. Special thanks to José Gonzalez Lanza of ArteLanza for creating and installing the sign to optimize visibility from the avenue.

MUSAN C.A.P. 2021

The Foundation for Advancement in Conservation has accepted our application to participate in the 2021 Collections Assessment for Preservation (CAP) program.

This program will enable us to hire two specialists in preservation of our permanent collections - Museo de los Santos and the Ellie Pruess Collection of mid-century masters of Puerto Rican art.

The work will be done in early 2022 as we move the collections to our new space.

One specialist will focus on the individual works of art. The other will focus on the display, environment and maintenance of the new location of the collections at 1673 Ponce de Leon Ave. in the Santurce Arts District of San Juan, Puerto Rico.

The CAP program requires MUSAN to match their contribution on a dollar-for-dollar basis, so your contribution to Museo de los Santos Inc d/b/a MUSAN will be especially important in 2021.