Chaos in Santurce – Local Artists’ Marketplace

As its pre-opening event, MUSAN: Museo de los Santos y Arte Nacional will host a local artists’ marketplace at its new location at 1673 Ave Ponce de León at Parada 24 in Santurce (near 787Coffee, Leonardo Fifth Avenue and BASE Co-Working).

Local artists in any medium are invited to participate and sell artworks directly to buyers. Buyers will be asked to make a separate contribution to MUSAN in lieu of any gallery commission or fees. There is no cost to the artist for participation.

This will not be a curated event. Participation will be open to any dedicated artist based on availability of display space. We have substantial wall space in several galleries plus glass-enclosed display cases and floor space.

The only qualification is that the artistic expression is interesting to the organizers.

Some museum/gallery professionals have said ‘You’re crazy, this will be CHAOS! But it could be very interesting!’ so we are calling the event CHAOS IN SANTURCE!

The goal of CHAOS IN SANTURCE will be to connect local artists to people interested in learning about the Santurce art scene and purchasing works directly from the artists.

Dates:  September 15, 17, 22, 24, 29, 2022

Times:  Thursdays from 6-9pm and Saturdays from 4-9pm.