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Qualified Ley 22 & Act 60 Donation
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Support our new ARTS CENTER !

100% of Donations go to MUSAN Arts Center

MUSAN is dedicated to preserving Puerto Rican traditions while encouraging the next generation of artists!

Your contribution will help us provide more opportunities in our Arts Incubator, Gallery, Museum and Community Center.

IMPORTANT: Departamento de Desarrollo Económico y Comercio (DDEC) has determined that Act 60 Donations must be in Dollars (PayPal Button).  Crypto (Coinbase) donations can not be used for Act 60 contributions in 2021.

If you prefer to donate by check, please make your check payable to MUSEO DE LOS SANTOS INC
and mail to our executive office at 456 Calle Saldana, San Juan, PR 00909

Checks dated on or before December 31, 2021 will be recorded as 2021 donations
even if received and deposited after January 1, 2022

Act 60 investors must split their donation between two types of non-profits.

One donation of $5,000 must go to a non-profit approved by Comisión Especial Conjunta de Fondos Legislativos para Impacto Comunitario (CECFL). You can find a list of these charities if you follow this link: You may only select one donation from the list on this website.

MUSAN Arts Center is eligible for the other $5,000 donation.  We are approved as a section 1101.01(a)(2) non-profit by Hacienda de Puerto Rico which qualifies for both Ley 20/22 and Act 60 annual contributions. Your donation will appear as Museo de los Santos Inc. d/b/a/ Musan. A receipt for your donation will be sent after each contribution.

 * Museo de los Santos Inc d/b/a MUSAN is certified as a nonprofit organization for Act 60 donations under the Puerto Rico Internal Revenue Code Section 1101.01(a)(2) and all donations qualify for Law 20/22 and Act 60 donations (documentation available on request). Your Act 60 donation letter will state the exact amount of US Dollars donated and the date of your Act 60 donation.

** For Act 60 donations in crypto-currency, please consult with your CPA, Act 60 Advisor to verify that crypto donations are allowed by Hacienda de PR in order to fulfill the annual contribution donation to approved non-profits like MUSAN. Museo de los Santos Inc d/b/a MUSAN is certified under the Puerto Rico Internal Revenue Code Section 1101.01(a)(2). Crypto donations are considered donations of property and your donation letter will document the type and amount of crypto currency plus date and time donated without any specific reference to value of your crypto donation. It is the responsibility of each crypto donor to document and justify the value of the crypto donation as of the date/time of donation. Your Act 60 advisor can give you full details.

Mail Checks to: MUSAN, 456 Calle Saldaña, San Juan, PR 00909 USA

Membership levels and benefits will be posted in February 2022.
Act 60 charitable donations in 2021 will receive special FOUNDERS MEMBERSHIP status.
Until then, all contributors will be listed with membership-level benefits starting in April 2022.

Musan would like to thank the following members for their contributions to MUSAN Arts Center during our renovation:

  • American University of Puerto Rico
  • Thomas Baxter
  • Lcda. Rosemarie Braegger
  • Hector Manuel Vallines Cabrera
  • Jaime Alfonso Collazo
  • Caribbean Consulting
  • Centro Cultural de Morovis
  • Cooperativa de Seguros Multiples
  • Ramón Corrada
  • Cost Control Company Inc.
  • Dr. Francisco J. Del Rio Ferrer
  • José A. Rosado-Figueroa
  • Nancy Fontán
  • Josefina Gómez
  • Olive Kuethe
  • Julio C. Laracuente
  • Luisa y Carlos Luciano
  • Inés M. Quiles Meléndez
  • Zuthbeida Marrero
  • Ángela Monserrrate
  • Antonio Colon Montes
  • Museo Orocoveño Familia Avilez Inc.
  • PayPal Giving Fund
  • Serenalda R. Pleasant
  • Puerto Rico Property Sales
  • Robinson Rosado Ramos
  • Vilma Ramos Ramos
  • Migdalia Reyes
  • Aracelis Rivera
  • Ignacio Valentín Rosado
  • María D. Otal Salaverri
  • José Ignacio Sánchez
  • Juan Ramón Garcia Santiago
  • Supermercado Selectos - Morovis
  • Edwin Ortiz Soto
  • Maria Olga Marrero Soto
  • Jian Tan
  • Carmen Torres
  • Marcelo Mundo Torres
  • Héctor Vallines
  • Zachary Wilcox

Upcoming Events

january, 2022

Avenida de las

MUSAN's Guide to the Santurce Arts District

Visit the collection!

Until January 10th, we are open but in the process of moving our collection. The museum and gallery is open during this time by appointment. You will still see the full collection, but it may be split between buildings that are 2 short blocks apart.

General Admission:

Galleries: $10/person

Galleries and Permanent Collections: $20/person

Private Showings with Guide:
Galleries & Permanent Collections
by previous appointment only: $25/person

Private showings can be outside normal hours but must be confirmed in advance.

Scheduled Tours:
The following tours are only offered as posted on our Events Calendar:

Monday Night Museum Tour
& nearby Bomba and Plena - $25/per person

5 minute walk to nearby bar with traditional afro-Caribbean music
(food/drinks not included).

Thursday Night Museum Tour
& walking tour of Santurce - $25/per person

20 minute walk to Plaza del Mercado - traditional marketplace with bars/restaurants
(food/drinks not included).

Ask us about local resident/student rates
(proof of ID required)

Admission rates do not apply for private events.


Our new building is under renovation at 1673 Ave. Ponce de Leon in the Santurce Arts District. Any visits must be by prior appointment.

Our executive office is located two blocks away - around the corner from Abracadabra Restaurant. Appointments are required for building access.

456 Calle Saldaña, San Juan, PR 00909

787-455-4216 - English/Spanish
787-455-4217 - Español/Inglés

All content is © 2021 Museo de los Santos

MUSAN - Museo de los Santos y Arte Nacional is operated by Museo de los Santos Inc. 

 Museo de los Santos Inc is  a certified nonprofit organization under the Puerto Rico Internal Revenue Code Section 1101.01 & qualifies for Law 20/22 annual contributions, as well as under the United States Federal Internal Revenue Service IRS Code Section 501(c)(3).

Click here for .pdf version of 1101.01 certification from Hacienda de Puerto Rico

Click here for .pdf version of 1501(c)(3) certification from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS

Museo de los Santos is a participant in the Nuestro Barrio project sponsored by Sacred Heart University.

Nuestro Barrio es un proyecto de la Universidad del Sagrado Corazón operado con apoyo del National Endowment for the Arts y el Economic Development Administration.

MUSAN participates in Giving Tuesday.